Join Lady M and Peppa as they dive into the seedy underworld of the New Forest.

There's a lot going on down in the forest these days and most of it is being watched by the local Neighbourwood Watch busy-body, Fairy Nuff. It would seem that after COVID, the Bear Pack just can't seem to get a break - Daddy Bear (Bare Necessities) is always on the prowl and is very protective of his 'area', Mummy Bear (Barely Awake) spends her days popping pills and being intimate with the washing machine, and Baby Bear (Barely Legal) has passed through puberty and is thirstier than a sheet of Bounty - it doesn't help that Goldie Cox is spreading herself around like tanning lotion on a Benidorm beach!

Starring: Lady Martinique, Peppa Sprey, Miz Chelsea Williams and Dickie Beaux

Thursday 1st December, Friday 2nd December, Saturday 3rd December at 7 pm Adult matinee on Sunday 4th December at 1.30 pm

Tickets available through our store.

Goldie Cox & the 3 Gay Bears