Due to the repositioning of our aircraft it only seemed right to bring you a new and improved version of the inaugural flight of Lady Martinique's new airline, Martinique Air (oddly enough).

Join our cabin crew as they take you on a virtual slaycation of the USA, where you'll be delighted by the bright lights of New York, Las Vegas and California, before the return flight to Miami - just in time for the carnival! Captain Hugh and co-pilot Devon will be in the cockpit (and more than likely cocking things up) and your inflight entertainment comes via Martinique Air's own holiday programme 'Don't You Wish You Were Here Like Me' with Miss Marble.

Audience age: 16+

Starring: Lady Martinique & Peppa Sprey

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July 2023 at 7.30 pm

Go West with Martinique Air

(aka 'Go West or Go Wester')